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The Worm Lady®   Live Feeder Insects  for your Reptiles & Exotic Pets 

 Tuesday November 4, 2014 


To order call Peter: (226) 787-8288  or  order online via our contact us page. (Note: shopping cart may not apply these specials)

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 #1 Best Top Quality Live Feeders in 

South-Western Ontario, Canada


*** MEALWORMS250 COUNT TUB $3.00  

$2.85 OFF our Regular Low Price of $5.85 Temporarily - SOLD OUT

1.2 cents/worm  (ONLY $1.20/100 worms)  ***while quantities last


** WAXWORMS250 COUNT TUB $11.85   

$4.00 OFF our Regular Low Price of $15.85

4.74 cents/worm  (ONLY $4.74/100 worms)  **while quantities last

Customer testimonial ...

'Thanks for being great suppliers of top quality live worm feeders as it has been a great help in keeping my new rescue in the best fed condition, as they both have tripled their weight in just 51 days. 

July 10 the littlest one was 53 g. and 10.5 in.  As of Aug. 30th he now weighs 162 g. and is 13.5 in. long.

The second one was 62 g. and 11.75 in. July 12.  As of Aug. 30th he is now 199 g. and 14 in. long. 

Thanks again for steering us in the right direction as in feeding them great quality live feeders'

Bill D.  ...  North Bay, Ontario Canada

Thursday September 4, 2014 - 1:56 PM EST

 #1 Best Top Quality Live Feeders in South-Western Ontario, Canada

my bearded dragon 'Beastie' on Ginny's shoulder

At 'The Worm Lady ' we breed, raise and supply healthy live feeder insects

My name is Annie Brenner, and I operate 'The Worm Lady' in McGregor Ontario, a little village just south of Windsor Ontario. 

My husband Peter and I raise/grow horn worms, silkworms, super worms, mealworms, and also carry 'ReptiWorms, butterworms, waxworms, crickets, live and frozen Mice and Rats, and the Repashy Superfoods product line ...  

We, as well, sell cooked 'Silkworm Chow' and 'Hornworm Chow', and our custom-blended 'Cricket Premium Dry Food' to keep all those live feeders well nourished and fed until your critter gulps 'em down! 

Also don't forget to check out Annie's custom hand-made Lizard Leashes LEASHES

Photo: April 19, 2013 / 

My little friend Virginia ...'Ginny' (at age 3)  ... holding my Bearded Dragon 'Beastie'  our website mascot (age 6 1/2)


Special #1 - ReptiWorms
150 Extra Small for  $6.75
150 Small size for  $7.00
100 Medium size for  $7.75
100 Large size for  $8.50
Special #2 - SILKWORMS
6 Small  for $3.50  ( only 58.3 cents ea.)
6 Med for     $4.10  ( only 68.3 cents ea.)
6 Large  for  $4.65  ( only 77.5 cents ea.)
6 XLarge for $5.30  ( only 88.3 cents ea.)
Special #3 - HORNWORMS
6 Small for   $3.85  ( only 64 cents ea.)
6 Med for     $4.90  ( only 82 cents ea.)
6 Large for   $5.95  ( only 99 cents ea.)
6 XLarge for $7.00  ( only $1.17 ea.)
Special #4 - MEALWORMS
100 for   $ 2.75  ( only 2.75 cents ea.)
200 for   $ 4.45  ( only 2.23 cents ea.)
300 for   $ 6.15  ( only 2.05 cents ea.)
400 for   $ 7.85  ( only 1.97 cents ea.)
500 for   $ 9.55  ( only 1.91 cents ea.)
1000 for $12.00  ( only 1.20 cents ea.)
Special #5 - WAXWORMS
  75 for $ 6.00  ( only 8.0 cents ea.)
100 for $ 7.50  ( only 7.5 cents ea.)
150 for $10.70  ( only 7.1 cents ea.)
200 for $13.50  ( only 6.7 cents ea.)
250 for $11.85  ( only 4.8 cents ea.)
Special #6 - SUPERWORMS
 100 for $ 5.00  ( only 5.0 cents ea.)
 200 for $ 9.40  ( only 4.7 cents ea.)
 300 for $13.20  ( only 4.4 cents ea.)
 400 for $16.40  ( only 4.1 cents ea.)
 500 for $19.00  ( only 3.8 cents ea.)
 750 for $25.50  ( only 3.4 cents ea.)
1000 for $27.90 ( only 2.8 cents ea.)
Special #7 - BUTTERWORMS
   20 for $ 6.50  ( only 32.5 cents ea.)
   30 for $ 9.25  ( only 30.8 cents ea.)
Special #8 - CRICKETS
  100 for   $ 5.85  ( only 5.85 cents ea.)
  200 for  $10.00  ( only 5.00 cents ea.)
  300 for  $13.80  ( only 4.60 cents ea.)
  400 for  $17.60  ( only 4.40 cents ea.)
  500 for  $20.00  ( only 4.00 cents ea.)
1000 for  $29.00  ( only 2.90 cents ea.)
PRICING: Prices posted in this website are subject to change without notice.

Aug. 9-2014 >>> NEW LOWER PRICING on  ReptiWorms™  see our new page here >>> ReptiWorms

«We ship anywhere in Canada!»

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 "Hello Annie, 

Thank you so, so much for your quality live feeders! 

I will never purchase my Beardie's food anywhere else!  Ever since I switched his staple food to your phoenix worms he has been happier, his colours are brighter, and his digestion is a million times better!  we can even enjoy bath time now as its meant for - relaxing - and not stressfull digestion. I don't want to know what was in the pet store feeders after seeing the difference in his health from your feeders.

Thanks a million, Adrienne"

Adrienne B., Inglewood, ON, Canada

Sunday July 20, 2014 - 9:49 AM

I have two beardies myself (and a new baby leopard gecko - as of July 11,2014) and they all  love all my worms.  

When you order your live feeders from me I always do my absolute best to ensure an over-count, prompt next-day delivery - whenever possible, proper and personal attention to each order, and well-fed, healthy live feeders to you - my customers.  I currently provide live product to various pet/reptile stores in the area, reptile rescue facilities across Ontario, as well as on-line to people throughout Ontario and elsewhere - from Victoria BC to St-John's Newfoundland, Canada.

Excellent nutrition and responsible husbandry must be combined to ensure the health of your reptiles. You can be feeding the most perfectly balanced diet in existence, but without the optimum temperature gradient, that 'perfect diet' is not able to be properly digested.  Reptiles are cold blooded animals so they require heat in order to digest their foods. If this temperature requirement is not met the food will simply rot in their gut and not be digested, resulting in elevated uric acid levels, and an acidic blood pH level causing detrimental damage to your reptile.  Digestion is not only impaired by improper heat requirements, but lack of hydration can also have adverse effects on digestion as well. Water consumption is often overlooked when thinking about digestion, but without proper amounts of water intake the process of digestion can be halted, thus, causing serious damage to your reptiles.

If you have a picky eater who will not eat a good variety of live feeders for a properly balanced diet you should try some of the Repashy Superfoods Meal Replacement products.  These were scientifically formulated to return your pet to optimum health, and keep him healthy for the long term too! 

Organically Raised Live Feeders: We've adopted the policy to grow all of our Super worms, Meal worms and Crickets on an organic vegetarian diet of Canadian wheat bran, with carrot, celery, cabbage and apple for moisture, and our 'Premium Custom-Blend Dry Food' formula for additional minerals and vitamins (see our Dry Cricket Food).  This daily 'organic gut-load' reduces the uric acid levels in our feeders resulting in a much healthier Live Feeder Insect for your herps - Uric acid is now recognized as a major factor for gout, liver and kidney disease in reptiles - (We often hear from people who make their own 'veggie-based' cricket feeds or “gut-loads” and that they have healthier Reptiles compared to using commercial feeds and gut-loads).  See our SPECIALS - Organically raised Supers, Meals, Crickets, and more. 

our two bearded dragons 'Beastie and Bubba'

Beastie (left) and Bubba (right) wearing Leather Leash 

Beastie (left) our 7 1/2 year old male, and Bubba (right) our 7 mth old female, posing for customers at the Windsor Ambassador PetValu store ' Meet-and-Greet 

(Fri, May-16-2014)

Our beardies love being out and about so we take them with us everywhere we go ... vacationing, shopping, overnight get-aways, or just running around our yard (always wearing their leashes, of course). They love the outdoors, even playing in the water when it is raining, and will either bask in sunshine or climb a  tree for a snooze!  


"Hello again Annie ... The order did arrive the next day and was in perfect condition.  I would like another 200 Phoenix worms and 20 silkworms. 

By the way, Goliath loves the Phoenix Worms. She is waiting by her bowl each morning for her next feeding and that never used to happen.

Thanks again, Angela"

Angela D., Mt-Albert, ON, Canada

Saturday August 2, 2014 - 10:48 AM

Anyway - getting back to hydration: An example of water intake is through the ingestion of insects.  Insects alone can provide a large amount of water to aid in the hydration of your reptile.  In their natural habitat the early morning dew that is apparent in many arid lands is yet another method of water consumption, and for the herbivores, they will get much of their hydration from consuming plant material.  As you can see, besides the obvious rain and access to running water there are many other means in which a reptile can get the moisture it requires.

Reptiles in their natural habitat have learned to adapt to natural ways of maintaining proper hydration.  However, when housed in captivity the reptiles are not able to resort to most of the methods listed above since they are at the mercy of their keeper to provide them with the proper environment. 

Fast forward to the dry terrarium with glass sides, a screen top and a basking light … Even a desert adapted reptile can quickly become dehydrated and die in an enclosure like this.  In such a situation it's up to the keeper to provide the moisture to the reptiles, and often, it is in an 'unnatural form' via misting, soaking, a water bowl or a combination of these three methods.  The point is that a dehydrated reptile can not assimilate the best of meals so without the proper hydration the absorption of nutrition really suffers.  This is why Live Foods are so important as they provide much needed hydration.

  My 6.5 yr old bearded dragon  'Beastie'  playing in the 'Organic Greens' box / our Phoenix worms storage box ... Mar.2013

Now that we understand that proper heat and hydration is an important part of the key to success I can now begin expounding on the importance of nutrition. 

Good pH!

The first goal on the way to great health is to attain and maintain a blood pH in the alkaline range of 6.4 to 7.0, an indicator of good mineral nutrition. Without it, the body becomes acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves and all types of health stresses can occur, both in reptiles and in humans too!.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in reptile keeping, especially, when the reptiles are indoors and without natural sunlight UV radiation.  Most reptile keepers are familiar with Vitamin D in regards to calcium powder, which in most cases is used to 'dust' the insects, coating them with a fine white powder.  It can also be used in other ways, such as being mixed into a salad for herbivores, sprinkled on a pellet diet, or in the case of mixed right into the powdered diet.  We believe that one of the best Calcium supplementss available in CANADA is the Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus.  

Since reptiles are viewed more as a specialty pet little research has been done in regards to their nutritional requirements.  Thus the guidelines for use of these products vary quite a bit amongst manufacturers, as does the inclusion ratio of Vitamin D to Calcium.  The product degradation is also a major concern and factor to consider. There are various views on what vitamins should be mixed with a calcium supplement and how the mixture of vitamins can be effected by the minerals.  Although there are many views on this subject very little research has been done mainly due to the fact that there is just not a competitive market for their foods like there is with dogs and cats. To most people the keeping of Reptiles is not mainstream, which means that there is little monetary motivation to understanding their unique nutritional requirements.

photo Mar.15.2014

'Bubba' our 5 month old rescue weighing-in at 70 grams (she was given to us late Nov-2013 at 7 weeks of age - weighing only 6 grams and on the verge of death)  ReptiWorms do work wonders ...

Many people believe that there is no such thing as too much calcium in a reptile's diet, especially, when it is through supplementation.  This is definitely not true.  Calcium in high doses can act as a binder, which inhibits the absorption of essential nutrients such as other essential minerals, as well as vitamins.  In the presence of too much Vitamin D, excess Calcium can calcify the internal organs, liver and kidneys. Calcium neutralizes stomach acids, which are necessary for the digestion and absorption of all nutrients. Many drugs have warnings to not take them with an antacid because it can prevent the drug from being absorbed into the system.  Balance is a major key.  Giving a large dose of calcium all at once is not the same as giving a smaller amount with each feeding.

Phosphorous and its relationship to calcium is also very important.  It's generally agreed across the vertebrate world, that an inclusion ratio of 2:1 (calcium/phosphorous) is optimal.  This is a common ratio measured in healthy bone analysis of most vertebrates (including humans).  To err to the high side with calcium is generally much easier to metabolize than a diet that has less than a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosphorius.  Even a 3:1 ratio is metabolized efficiently by most organisms.  This is why the 'Genuine' ReptiWorm is rated as the best live feeder insect available for reptiles, frogs, birds, fish and turtles being kept as pets in captivity, since it is the only larva/worm to even come near the ideal 2:1 Calcium Phosphorous ratio, water for hydration and protein as well.  

<< 'Bubba' (left) is a living testimonial of the therapeutic advantage of  'Genuine'  ReptiWorms.

The importance of calcium in reptile nutrition is of a high concern.  History shows us that a calcium deficiency is a common problem, especially when the reptiles are pressured into longer than natural breeding seasons, resulting in metabolic bone disease.  As noted above, this situation causes unnatural stress on female reptiles to produce more eggs, thus requiring more calcium.  Remember, however, that it is not just a lack of calcium that creates this problem, but a complex relationship between many vitamins and minerals. 

Again, as I always tell all of my customers, a good variety of nutritious live foods is essential in the rearing of healthy reptiles in captivity. This will ensure a good mix of micro and macro nutrients with a good variety of minerals and vitamins in 'whole foods' form, not from synthesized processes, which never can equal what nature provides in organic 'live foods'.

Provide your pets a balanced Live Foods diet and they will thank you for it!

Many thanks to Allen Repashy for all of his research on reptilian nutrition ... some of the above content was inspired by him! 

If you have any questions or comments please let me know in my contact us page-  or call me any time at  (226) 787-8286.  

I can also be reached by e-mail at  theWormLady1@gmail.com.  If I don't have what you want, I'll always do my best to help you find it !!!  

-  Sincerely,

   Annie Brenner

Watch my VIDEOS here

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recycle logo

At The Worm Lady we USE, REUSE and RECYCLE 

Canadian Flag

The Worm Lady is an All-Canadian business

The Worm Lady has been 'Green' since its inception, in March of 2013, and recycles all its by-products.  We compost all our organic waste (for use in our organic vegetable garden and flower beds).  We also raise our Live Feeders on organic live foods.  This is your assurance that you are getting the healthiest and the best live feeders for your pets - and our small contribution in the preservation of our local eco-system.

 A Customer  Testimonial

My rescued leopard gecko feasting on a Hornworm from 'The Worm Lady'

Photo by: Emily Loop

"This picture is of my 13th rescued leopard gecko!  He was giving me a hard time!  See his feet are orange!  He was kept on 'calci-sand' - and sadly was bedded on it for 3 sheds!  He wouldn't eat for nothing!  Annie suggested Horn Worms and well ... this is the result!  Sadly the store I was buying worms off, who actually got their worm supply from Annie, was closing down and they gave me a card to get a hold of her. That was the best phone call I ever made!  

I run a Reptile Rescue here in Leamington Ontario out of my home,  I own 15 of my own leopard geckos, 2 bearded dragons, 1 crested gecko, and at anytime there is 5-10 rescues In my home!  You can imagine how hungry they must be!  Annie's worms are the best I have ever got!  Pet stores can't compare!  She hand picks and counts every worm to make sure it's quality and quantity!  At any given time there are about 6000 insects in my home to properly feed my rescues!  

... And at 'The Worm Lady' the prices don't break the bank!  I have not once had a cricket die - unless it's being chewed on by a beardie or leo!  Worms, of all types: horns, silks, supers, wax or butters all are always amazing!  High quality! Not only are her insects top quality but she is also amazing in educating you on what each and every single worm she has does and what it will do for your reptile!  

If you're not buying from Annie I suggest you start to order!  You won't regret it.  :)"

Sent from my iPhone - Friday Sept. 27th, 2013 -

Emily Loop, (Reptiles RescueLeamington, Ontario  

Shop Smart Buy your live feeders online direct from the source, delivered next day to your doorstep, save time and SAVE $$$ too!

Feeder Insects: crickets, worms, mice and rats 

ReptiWorms, silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, superworms, waxworms, crickets, mealworms, live & frozen mice and rats

                    Variety In Diet ! - What Do Reptiles Eat?                                        

In the wild, common pets such as reptiles, amphibians, frogs, turtles and other exotics have access to worms, moths, crickets, beetles, grubs and so much more.

One of the most important things you can do to help ensure your exotics have a long and healthy life is to provide a good VARIETY of healthy live feeders, for a BALANCED DIET.  Variety provides a good mix of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which is so very important for all living things.  It doesn't matter how 'perfect' or wonderfully nutritious a particular food might be, eating that and only that with little or no variation is NOT healthy.

Think about it ... if you ate little or nothing of nutritional value for a month and then ate one healthy and nutritious meal, would you consider yourself healthy again?  Of course not!  So 'gut-loading' live feeders for just a day or two before feeding them to your pet doesn't make much sense either.  Do your very best to make sure that the feeder insects you buy come to you already 'gut-loaded' and ready to feed your critter AND that you also can buy and take home with you suitable food for the live feeders you buy so that you can keep them healthy and 'gut loaded' daily until fed to your exotics.

ALL our Top High-Quality Live Feeders are Gut Loaded daily and also come to you with some of our High Quality Custom Recipe Chow to keep them well fed and hydrated until you give them to your pets to eat.  There is no point at all in spending money on insects and worms that have not themselves received appropriate nutrition.

For the happiest and healthiest pets, what you want  to do is provide a good variety of live feeders in your pet’s diet.  Feed as many different healthy things as you can find (see: feeding chart), and do your best to purchase healthy feeder insects.  Buy live feeders, worms and crickets, that are already 'gut loaded' and full of moisture and nutrients.

What do reptiles eat?  See The Worm Lady's Feeding Chart: Live Feeder Insects

- - - - - -

Check Out the Incredible *KD CLOTH (clean with tap water - no soaps or detergents ever again!)

NEW !!! Feb.2014  You get a FREE KD Cloth Sampler with your first order !

GO 'GREEN'  with a KD Cloth ... you'll never again have to use paper towels or detergents to clean your vivarium - or any other surface in your home, or car, or cottage ... SAFER ... FASTER ... SPOT-FREE and STREAK-FREE RESULTS every time!

Recycling logo

The Worm Lady has been 'Green' since its inception, in March of 2013, and recycles all its by-products.  We compost all our organic waste (for use in our organic vegetable garden and flower beds).  We also raise our Live Feeders on organic live foods.  This is your assurance that you are getting the healthiest and the best live feeders for your pets - and our small contribution in the preservation of our local eco-system. 


Special #1 - ReptiWorms
150 Extra Small for  $6.75
150 Small size for  $7.00
100 Medium size for  $7.75
100 Large size for  $8.50
Special #2 - SILKWORMS
6 Small  for $3.50  ( only 58.3 cents ea.)
6 Med for     $4.10  ( only 68.3 cents ea.)
6 Large  for  $4.65  ( only 77.5 cents ea.)
6 XLarge for $5.30  ( only 88.3 cents ea.)
Special #3 - HORNWORMS
6 Small for   $3.85  ( only 64 cents ea.)
6 Med for     $4.90  ( only 82 cents ea.)
6 Large for   $5.95  ( only 99 cents ea.)
6 XLarge for $7.00  ( only $1.17 ea.)
Special #4 - MEALWORMS
100 for   $ 2.75  ( only 2.75 cents ea.)
200 for   $ 4.45  ( only 2.23 cents ea.)
300 for   $ 6.15  ( only 2.05 cents ea.)
400 for   $ 7.85  ( only 1.97 cents ea.)
500 for   $ 9.55  ( only 1.91 cents ea.)
1000 for $12.00  ( only 1.20 cents ea.)
Special #5 - WAXWORMS
  75 for $ 6.00  ( only 8.0 cents ea.)
100 for $ 7.50  ( only 7.5 cents ea.)
150 for $10.70  ( only 7.1 cents ea.)
200 for $13.50  ( only 6.7 cents ea.)
250 for $11.85  ( only 4.8 cents ea.)
Special #6 - SUPERWORMS
 100 for $ 5.00  ( only 5.0 cents ea.)
 200 for $ 9.40  ( only 4.7 cents ea.)
 300 for $13.20  ( only 4.4 cents ea.)
 400 for $16.40  ( only 4.1 cents ea.)
 500 for $19.00  ( only 3.8 cents ea.)
 750 for $25.50  ( only 3.4 cents ea.)
1000 for $27.90 ( only 2.8 cents ea.)
Special #7 - BUTTERWORMS
   20 for $ 6.50  ( only 32.5 cents ea.)
   30 for $ 9.25  ( only 30.8 cents ea.)
Special #8 - CRICKETS
  100 for   $ 5.85  ( only 5.85 cents ea.)
  200 for  $10.00  ( only 5.00 cents ea.)
  300 for  $13.80  ( only 4.60 cents ea.)
  400 for  $17.60  ( only 4.40 cents ea.)
  500 for  $20.00  ( only 4.00 cents ea.)
1000 for  $29.00  ( only 2.90 cents ea.)
PRICING: Prices posted in this website are subject to change without notice.

The Worm Lady's LIVE FEEDERS always come to you 'moisture and gut-loaded' to make your reptiles or exotics healthier!

Our Live Feeders

ReptiWorms . Silkworms . Hornworms . Butterworms . Waxworms . Superworms . Crickets . Mealworms . Mice & Rats . Repashy Superfoods

We ensure an over-count on all our orders so you KNOW you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

Live insects for sale | Where to buy insects | Purchase Live Insects | Live insect Suppliers | Live insects for reptiles | Live worms SALE | Live feeder insects SALE

Me (Annie) at right, with my husband Peter (left), with 'Beastie' my bearded dragon. (Photo taken at the Toronto Beaches Boardwalk, courtesy of a very friendly stranger) August 2012

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The Worm Lady: About Us

Our Specialty is WORMS

One of the most important things you can do to help ensure your exotics have a long and healthy life is to provide a VARIETY of healthy live feeders.

At The Worm Lady our worms are bred/raised on fresh vegetables, grains, and high quality, specially prepared premium chow that is specific to that particular worm or insect.

This is your assurance that, when you buy and use Live Feeder products from The Worm Lady, you’re giving your critter the best!  Any questions or comments? Contact us here

Our Services

Buy all of your live feeder worms and insects online direct from us and save ... The Worm Lady is your #1 source in South-Western Ontario for the following Live Feeders:

ReptiWorms, Silkworms, Hornworms, Butterworms, Superworms, Wax Worms, Crickets & Mealworms, live or frozen Mice and Rats, Repashy Superfoods, and Reptile LEASHES


As with any species, do not feed an exclusive diet of only one or two insects to your exotics. In the wild, all animals that feed on insects will eat 50 or more varieties, giving the animal a truly varied vitamin and mineral intake for a well-balanced diet.  As pet owners, hobbysts or breeders, we must approximate their feeding habits and the best way to do this is by feeding variety with an exotic mix of bugs.

ALL of our Top High-Quality Live Feeder worms and crickets come to you Gut Loaded and also come with some of our High Quality Custom Recipe Chow ...

(Retail orders over $120.00 may qualify for FREE Shipping, send us your Postal Code to find out) ContactUs

Our Qualifications

Here at 'The Worm Lady' we are qualified to breed and raise the several types of live feeders (worm/larvae) described in our website to feed all of your pet reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish with the best, moisture and gut-loaded, top quality live feeders available, to insure you have happy and healthy exotic pets.

We are registered with Agriculture Canada as a direct importer of the 'Genuine Phoenix Worms', and are also a Repashy Superfoods Authorized Dealer.

We supply our live feeders to several organizations, some of which are:

  • Noah's Ark (Animal Shelter & Rescue) Tilbury, Ontario
  • Loop's Exotics Rescue (Exotics/Reptiles Rescue) Leamington, Ontario
  • McMullen's (Exotics Rescue) Lansdowne, Ontario
  • Sharon Jackson-Forbes (Exotics/Reptiles Rescue) Minden, Ontario
  • Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (Tobacco Hornworm Pupae Research) Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec
  • The Vivarium (Reptiles & Exotics Pet Sore) LaSalle, Ontario (voted #1 Reptile store in south-western Ontario 2 years in a row)
  • Aqua Animania (Exotic Fish & Pet Supplies Pet Store) Windsor, Ontario  (Windsor's #1 Exotic/Tropical fish Pet Store)
  • Angling Sports (The Premier Fishing and Tackle Store in South-Western Ontario) London, Ontario
  • Wally's Bait and Tackle Shop (fishing and tackle store) Windsor, Ontario
  • Strictly Fishing (fishing and tackle store) Windsor, Ontario
  • Pet-Valu (Ambassador) (Cleanest Pet Supplies/Pet Store of South-Western Ontario) Windsor, Ontario
  • National Wildlife Research Centre (NWRC) Environment Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
  • University of Western Ontario (UWO) Environ

ALL of our Top High-Quality Live Feeder Worms and Insects come to you freshly Gut Loaded, and with some of our High Quality Custom Recipe Premium Chow for them to feed on.

We always ensure an over-count on all your orders so you KNOW you’re getting what you’ve paid for.


Buy All Your Live Feeder Insects In One Place

And SAVE $$

The Worm Lady®

What do reptiles eat ?  

See our Nutrition Chart for Exotics here: Live Feeders for Exotics

and also check out: Nutritional Content of Top 7 Live Feeder Insects here: Nutritional Info

Nutritional information on our LIVE WORM feeders

The Top Seven Live Worm Feeder Insects

#1.ReptiWorm   #2.Silkworm   #3.Hornworm   #4.Butterworm   #5.Waxworm   #6.Superworm   #7.Cricket

These Live Feeders are Listed In Order of their Nutritional Value (#1 best to #7 lowest food value)

What Do Reptiles Eat ?

# 1

ReptiWorm (black soldier fly larva)


150 Count ExSmall $6.75

150 Count Small $7.00

100 Count Medium $7.75

100 Count Large $8.50

in sealed tubs  ...

NO feeding NO cleaning ever -

maintenance-free live-feeders ... 

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ReptiWowrms in 250 ct Tubs 

 ReptiWorms, the number one top feeder for reptiles and amphibians

Incredible Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio!  ReptiWorms® are a black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) and they wriggle like mad and trigger a tremendous feeding response!  They don’t smell, don’t need to be fed, won’t escape from the feed dish, can be kept cool (50F/12C degrees or above) or at room temperature, and the only ‘care’ they may need is a couple of drops of water if their substrate begins to get dry. 'ReptiWorms' are the perfect 'maintenance-free' live feeder worm.

ReptiWorms pack an almost perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus which can halt (and sometimes even reverse) metabolic bone disease.  It increases clutch sizes, and when fed to babies/juveniles, boosts growth rates by up to 30%.  They also have high natural levels of lauric acid, known to be an excellent antimicrobial which is very potent and guards against lipid-coated viruses, clostridium and pathogenic protozoa including coccidian.  The larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly, ReptiWorms have been fed to many thousands of animals by breeders and hobbyists over the past twelve years.  See Bearded Dragon Diet 

53% of the fat in Phoenix Worms is beneficial lauric acid, a proven antimicrobial especially effective against coccidiosis.

Recommended by veterinarians, 'genuine ReptiWorms' are the only calcium-rich feeder that have a naturally 2:1 balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, and can be safely fed as a staple feeder for your bearded dragon diet. Delicious, nutritious, high in calcium and low in fat.  Now there is a live feeder that Naturally provides very high Calcium, with Low Phosphorous levels, is maintenance-free, and reptiles love them too!

'Genuine ReptiWorms require NO feeding, and keep for a month or longer refrigerated at 55-60 F, in the tub they came in.  Even the substrate they come in, and live in, is safe for your reptiles to ingest with NO ill side-effects.  It's really exiting to have a simple, healthier, and easier live-feeding solution for ourselves and for our customers too'.

 ReptiWorms® are the perfect live insect feeder for most exotics.  See: BSFL

Here at the Worm Lady is where you can order the 'Genuine' ReptiWorms, originally developed by Dr. Craig Sheppard, University of Georgia entomologist and the developer of this unique new feeder insect, in collaboration with Allen Repashy (owner of world famous Repashy SuperFoods).  

Fresh ReptiWorms will be sent direct to you from our facility in McGregor Ontario (just south of Windsor) and NOT through a middle-man, assuring you the freshest product available in Ontario.  Contact Us page

NOTE: Even when the ReptiWorm larva morphs into the Black Soldier Fly it will be useful as a treat to most insectivorous reptiles (bearded dragons, skinks, chameleons, anoles, geckos, turtles, frogs, tarantulas, steppe runners, scorpions and fish) which will eagerly chase and eat them ... most herps loved them.

The ReptiWorm should be high on the ‘regular  feeder’ list of every reptile, amphibian or exotic's diet!

Please NOTE:  Large ReptiWorms are in their 5th instar (last growth stage) and are in the least mobile larvae stage as they approach pupation - the cocoon - before morphing into the black soldier fly.  If you need wiggly and mobile ReptiWorms please order the Extra Small or Small sized ones.

 # 2

Silkworms - 20 Med(in Silk-Pod with Fresh Chow)

$17.00 (only 85 cents ea.)

 Silkworms, the many benefits

Nutritional Content!  According to many, silkworms are naturally one of the healthiest insect you can get to feed your pet. You just can't beat the low-fat content & nutritional value of a silk worm.  Silkworms are a high source of Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Vitamins B1, B2, and B3.  Anole expert, A. Lanolis says, "...they're naturally the healthiest insect you can get." Once thought to be delicate and hard to care for, silkworms are actually very hardy needing only a dry environment and a small amount of silkie food daily (which can be kept in the fridge for up to a month).  Because of their high calcium content, silkworms are especially great  for gravid females since they help ensure strong and healthy eggs/offspring.

Silkworms also contain an enzyme called serrapeptase which has many beneficial properties:  it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, it aids calcium absorption, and it also fights arterial plaque!!

Finally, as they are soft bodied, there is no worry of impaction in small or young exotics.  Considering their excellent nutritional value, low fat content, and ease of keeping, silkworms are building a strong demand and should be part of a regular exotic’s diet.


Live Feeders Nutritional Values Comparison

Live Feeder > Cricket Phoenix Silkworm Butterworm Waxworm Superworm Mealworm
Fat % 6.1 9.4 6.2 11.2 11.2 17.9 12.7
Protein % 21.3 17.3 29.6 14.8 14.8 17.4 20.3
Calcium (ppm) 345 8155 665 1197 134 124 133
Phosphorous (ppm) 4328 5355 798 1729 1197 2320 3345
Cal / Ph Ratio 0.08 1.52 0.83 0.69 0.11 0.53 0.04
Note: All vertebrates need Calcium, from live-food sources, to remain strong and healthy.  However, the right Calcium to Phosphorous RATIO is the key to ingesting a healthy Calcium source.  The perfect ratio of 2:1 - almost never present in today's live feeders - is now attainable in the Phoenix Worm - ONLY -  NO other live feeder even comes close!  
The above chart reveals that Phoenix Worms and Silkworms are by far the two best live feeders available, period!

  # 3

hornwormm live feeder

Horn worms - 15 Med. (in Horn-Pod with Fresh Chow)

$20.00 (only $1.33 ea.

 Hornworms, super nutritious

Enticing And Nutritious!  Since they have no chitin or exoskeleton, there is no worry about impaction.  When horn worms are fed their proper diet (tan-coloured horn worm chow), they possess a healthy nutritional content of: 9% Protein, 3.07% Fat, 46.4mg/100g Calcium, and 85% Moisture.  They are hardy, easy to keep, very low maintenance, and are a wonderful feeder to help ensure proper  hydration.  Horn worms are very easy to digest, and are often used to break hunger strike or for recovering reptiles.  Horn worms are another feeder which should be part of your exotic’s highly nutritious regular diet.  With their enticing teal colour and  black and white stripes that exaggerate their movements, horn worms will be pounced on in no time flat!

Hornworms in 8oz HornChow Feed-Pod

Hornworm Feed Pod (16oz Cup with 3oz Horn Chow + 12 Med. Hornworms ONLY $24.00CAD

   # 4

butter worms50 (in black tub with dry substrate)

$18.50 (only 37 cents ea.)

 Butter worms ** highest in calcium

Calcium Plus!  Similar in size and texture to wax worms, these soft grub-like worms are hands down the top feeder for Calcium with nearly twice as much as any other feeder insect!  Although high in fat content, they can be fed regularly to reptiles and exotics.  In fact, they are an excellent regular addition to the diets of juvenile exotics, those that are emaciated or suffering from poor body condition as well as gravid females.

The Chilean Moth (Chilecomadia moorei) is a moth of the Cossidae family. The Butterworm is the larval form and is commonly used as fishing bait in in South America.  Butterworms, like mealworms, are used as food for Insectivore pets, such as geckos , bearded dragons and other reptiles, as their scent and bright color help attract the more stubborn eaters. They are also called tebro worms or trevo worms, and are high in fat and calcium.  Tortoises may even be fed Butterworms due to the high calcium content.  It is a good idea to feed a female tortoise Butterworms during egg development for well formed hatchlings. (courtesy of Wikipedea)


    # 5

wax worms - 250 (in blue tub with dry wood shavings)

Only $15.85 (6.34 cents ea.)

SPECIAL: $4 OFF  NOW ONLY $11.85 per tub

 Wax worms ** a tasty treat for dragons and geckos

Yum!  Wax worms are a common reptile/amphibian food but they should be fed only as a treat since they are high in fat.  Think of them as candy bars for your critters!  Wax worms do not need to be fed, can be kept in the fridge (no lower than 50F/12C) for up to 3 months.  Their substrate, usually wood shavings, should be kept dry.

Waxworms are an ideal food for reptiles such as bearded dragons, the neon tree dragon, turtles, geckos or chams.

** NOTE:  When using these feeders in the regular diet of a healthy exotic, try to make sure you’ve given the healthiest foods first and save these for desert.  When you feed desert first, you’ll almost certainly end up with a “picky eater”!!!

     # 6

Super worms1000 (in our custom-blend dry food/wheat-bran substrate & fresh carrot)

Only $30.90 (3.1 cents ea.)

 SPECIAL: $3 OFF  NOW ONLY $27.90  per 1000 (boxed)

 Superworms, give variety to your reptile's diet

Superworms are readily accepted by lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders, birds, Koi and all other insect-loving animals.  Their hard chitin may make them less suitable for arachnids, some predatory insects, and baby or infant reptiles, since this may cause impaction (and possible death).

When feeding your smaller or younger exotics, try to feed the white or light-coloured Superworms since they have recently shed and would have a less hard outer chitin.  The substrate the Superworms are reared and kept in has a huge impact on the nutritional value they provide.  Moisture can be provided by adding cut carrot, potatoe/sweet potato or orange peel, and their bedding or substrate should be checked  daily  for mold.

Supers and virtually all other feeders should be dusted with calcium immediately prior to presenting them to your pet, and they should only represent a portion of an exotic’s daily or staple food source.(See August SPECIAL  Super Worms)


     # 7

Crickets1000 (with some of our custom-blend dry food) - Only $29.50 (2.95 cents ea.)

 Crickets, good bulk feeder insect for hungry juveniles

Crickets are popular as a live food source for carnivorous pets like frogslizardstortoisessalamanders, and spiders. Feeding crickets, along with other nutritious food, in order to pass the nutrition onto animals that eat them is known as gut loading.  In addition to this, the crickets should be dusted with a mineral supplement powder (calcium) to ensure complete nutrition to the pet.

Crickets have relatively powerful jaws, and several species have been known to bite humans.  Crickets are composed mainly of ash and crave moisture, so you must always provide them moisture (water, sliced carrot, orange, or apple) to avoid the crickets biting your pet in seeking moisture.  Smaller crickets have less chitin so they are best fed to juvenile reptiles.  Larger crickets have a hard exoskeleton and may cause impaction (sometimes resulting in death of your juvenile reptile).

    # 8

1000 mealworms (in wheat bran media) in food-grade tub - Only $17.50 (1.75 cents ea.)

 Mealwormsok bulk feeder for hungry juveniles

Mealworms are the most economical live feeders available, very low maintenance, and good life span, so they are great for feeding to adult reptiles and aquatics - but they have a very hard exoskeleton so only the fresh-shed (pale in color) mealworms should ever be fed to baby reptiles to avoid impaction and possible paralysis and/or death.  

At The Worm Lady we guarantee you are getting the Top Quality mealworm feeders for all your 'mealworm eating critters', such as amphibians, reptiles, sugar gliders, chickens, quail, hamsters, hedgehogs, Koi Fish, rats, gerbils and other rodents, blue birds and other wild birds too.  

When you order your 'mealworms' from us, other than supplying a hydration source twice a week (i.e. carrot and apple), we send you everything you need to keep your mealworms organically healthy until you feed them to your pets.

 Temporarily - SOLD OUT


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KD CLOTH Sampler  (4" x 7") 

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 Customer Testimonials

 Bearded Dragon

"Annie's personable nature and knowledge about her product made ordering a pleasant comfortable experience. Not just a supplier of quality feeders, but a true lover of our scaled friends. My worms arrived in perfect form, in just two days. They wiggled around happily exciting my normally very lazy, three year old, Bearded Dragon. She just loves Annie's Super Worms!  Annie's phoenix worms have become the favorite staple for my six month old Giant Leopard Gecko.  I rinse the packing material off with warm water and watch them try to lap the feeding bowl!  I couldn't be happier with the product or the pricing and the customer service is above and beyond.  I will be ordering again and again.  I'm a true believer in The Worm Lady".

Holly H, in Ontario, Canada (July 3, 2013)

(Holly has been a repeat customer since March 2013 - twl site moderator)

Giant Leopard Gecko

 Re: Feeders in Ontario

Postby Wolvaroo » Sun May 12, 2013 6:01 pm (www.BeardedDragon.org)

I've just recently ordered through "The Worm Lady" and have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience.

I'd absolutely recommend her.

 Re: Feeders In Ontario

Postby morphmom » Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:23 pm

Just wanted to update.  Annie Brenner now has a web site!  Yay!  :blob5:
I'm really happy for her.  It's so nice when kind and good people can do something they love.
Here's the photo's I made for her as a little thank you.
ImageHolly  User avatar  morphmom BD.org Addict Posts: 5818
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Location: Ontario, Canada

Myah, my Bearded Dragon ... loves The Worm Lady's Superworms

Myah_bearded dragon says: I Love Annie Brenner's Worms!

Mylo, my giant Leopard gecko, eating The Worm Lady's Phoenix Worms ... he just loves them!

Myloh my gecko, eating The Worm Lady's Phoenix Worms ... he loves them!

Re: Feeders in Ontario

Postby morphmom » Mon May 20, 2013 7:52 am (www.BeardedDragon.org)

sweetiepie9 wrote:

Thanks Holly for the recommendation.

You're more than welcome. Annie is a joy to deal with, also I know you're looking for something other then supers but hers are fantastic. Bright and big and the most active I've ever seen. Myah has been very happy :D


Re: Feeders in Ontario

Sent: Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:43 pm 
From: sweetiepie9 
To: beastiesmommy 

Hi Annie,
I'll go through the list again, thanks for sending it to me, your super worms special sure looks great!  Even your regular prices are cheaper than I can get at any place around here.

Deb Buss, my 6 bearded dragons: Rubia, Didi, Leo, Titan, Gabriel and Lonzo

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