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 buy  'Black Soldier Fly Larvae' from The Worm Lady

Why keep on buying poorly kept, malnourished feeders from the local pet store, at higher prices, that will often die on you in just a few days, when you can get the #1 Best High-Quality, healthy, Gut-Loaded Live Feeder Grubs from The Worm Lady ... for less money!

Your local pet store will never replace dead grubs after you walk out their door ... you are out of luck if the bugs die within just a few hours after buying them!  NOT SO with The Worm Lady.

The Worm Lady gives you an Iron-Clad Live Delivery Guarantee on all live feeder orders



Black soldier fly larvae range in size from 1834 inch (3–19 mm). 

Although they can be stored at room temperature for several weeks, their longest shelf life is achieved at 50–60 °F (10–16 °C).

The Maintenance-Free Grub

Our feeding grade BSF larvae are raised on a probiotic treated meal that is scientifically made for black soldier fly larvae, therefore the larvae have the optimal nutritional content for your animals. The healthier the larvae, the healthier the animals who consume them.

Leopard Gecko
Gecko with BSFL in mouth
gecko eats BSFL
bearded dragon eats BSFL
leopard gecko eats BSFL
Lizard feeding on BSFL


150th Anniversary 





The Absolute Best Live Feeder Grub For Insectivorous Pets
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   125 Assorted Size for  $   8.40 
   250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 
   500 Assorted Size for  $ 30.00 
   750 Assorted Size for  $ 40.50 
 1000 Assorted Size for  $ 50.00 
 1250 Assorted Size for  $ 60.00 
1500 Assorted Size for  $ 69.00
 2000 Assorted Size for  $ 88.00 
 2500 Assorted Size for $107.50 
 3000 Assorted Size for $126.00 
  3500 Assorted Size for $143.50  

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 * This product is not intended to be used only as an occasional snack or as a medicine to treat Metabolic Bone Disease.  This product should be your animal's staple diet, to be fed on a regular basis, in order to PREVENT or CEASE Metabolic Bone Disease.

Black soldier flyHermetia illucensis a common and widespread fly of the family Stratiomyidae. The larvae and adults are considered neither pests nor vectors.  Instead, black soldier fly larvae play a similar role to that of redworms (Red Wigglers) as essential decomposers in breaking down organic substrates and returning nutrients to the soil.  The larvae have voracious appetites and can be used for composting household food scraps and agricultural waste products (in warm climates of 80F -100 F).

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are an excellent source of sustainable protein for aqua culture, animal feed, pet and human nutrition. They are truly a Maintenance-Free grub and can last 4-5 weeks in the larva stage when kept dormant at 50-55 F 

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BSFL are an incredible food choice for any worm or grub-eating reptile or herp or exotic. These larvae have high levels of calcium which they store for future pupation from grub to Black Soldier Fly. These grubs of Hermetia illucens were developed as a feeder insect for exotic pets by Alan Repashy in 2005.

Nutritional values of black soldier fly larvae have been studied extensively for exotic pets/reptiles, herps, hens, fish, and other species for many years and are quite unique and amazing.  Significant reductions of E.coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella Enterica have been identified in animals fed on BSFL (Phoenix Worms).  Lauric Acid makes up over half of the 'Black Soldier Fly Larva's’ fat content.  This ‘good’ fat with strong antimicrobial properties helps prevent and/or fight bacterial and other infections such as Clostridium and Coccidia – two very common and sometimes deadly health issues with reptiles/herps.

The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is approximately 2.43 : 1 – virtually ideal for most amphibians and reptiles. Poor calcium:phosphorus ratio is the main reason for calcium supplementation but ‘dusting’ is not required when feeding ReptiWorms! The calcium content of Soldier Fly larvae is up to 8,000 ppm as opposed to between 20 and 135 ppm in meal worms and crickets. BSFL protein and fat levels are 17.3% and 9.4% respectively . When fed to gravid females, BSFL increase clutch size and health of hatchlings and aids in female’s recovery. Additionally, when fed to juveniles, this wonderful staple food can boost growth by up to 30%! They are soft bodied so there is no fear of impaction.

BSFL can be kept at room temperature for extended periods or even longer in cooler conditions (50 to 65F). They do not make noise and do not need to be fed. BSFL are usually for sale in packages of 100, but here at The Worm Lady, we recognise that many of our clients would prefer a smaller amount. That’s why we are happy to provide ½ size containers to our clients.

Supplementing your pet’s regular diet with BSFL every other day is a healthy, smart, and inexpensive option for everyone. Enjoy!

Why is the BSFL grub so important in the diet?

BSFL are the only known grub with a Ca:P ratio of 2.5:1

When the recommended dietary Ca:P ratio (Calcium to Phosphorous ratio) is between 1.5:1 to 3:1, BSFL are the only grub that can safely provide this level of natural organic contained Calcium (with the correct Phosphorous levels) ... 

(NOTE: crickets, mealworms and superworms all have reversed Ca to P ratio between 0.07:1 to 0.33:1). 

Calcium dusting/supplementing is not ideal as the common practices often push Ca level off the roof, resulting in P absorption difficulties, often resulting in calcification of the liver, kidneys, and arterial plaque

This is especially bad for young reptiles or egg making moms. 

 Our feeding grade BSFL are raised to a balanced Ca:P ratio specifically for indoor living reptiles (raised in captivity), and has helped hundreds of young animals in develop a strong skeleton, 

and especially moms to deliver healthy eggs,


Where were our worms raised?  

Our worms are raised in Texas A&M University Entomology Department facility 

by graduate students ... the best in the world!

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The larva of the black soldier fly is now recognized by many authorities to be one of the very best live feeder insects available for herps, birds and aquatics, because of the 2.5 -to- 1.0 Phosphorous/Calcium ratio (found only in BSFL), and it's low fat content, that is so crucial in the rearing of healthy reptiles, and all vertebrates in general.  

This is the ideal 'Live Feeder' grub for lizards, turtles, fish, and birds of all kinds.

Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae:

These are reptile-feeding grade BSFL that were Calcium enriched, fed on grain&grass based diet for enriched vitamins. Balanced Ca:P ratio (see the description). NO need to dust your other feeder insects when this is the staple diet. Live delivery guaranteed regardless of the destination weather conditions. 10% extra count is included in your package for your ensured satisfaction.

*This product is not intended to be used as medicine or an occasional snack ... they need to be provided on a regular basis to prevent or cease development of Metabolic Bone Disease.*

NOTE ReptiWorms, Calciworms®, and Phoenix Worms®are all BSFL ... just three different 'brand' trade names for ‘black soldier fly larvae’.  
You can buy BSFL directly from those 3 companies/providers in small tubs of 100 ct  - NO bulk quantity discounts (except for zoos or commercial breeders) - 

We at The Worm Lady will supply BSFL to our customers in any quantity - from a 3

dozen count tub (for a trial sample feeding), up to 3000 count bulk tubs - 

so that you can order larger quantities whenever you want to ... at Super Savings 

Prices, even if you are not a zoo or a registered commercial breeder.

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BSFL are commercially available live feeder grubs produced in the USA. and are marketed and sold as :

 'Pheonix worms®', 'CalciWorms', or 'ReptiWorms™'

( 3 different brand names for the same grubs - Black Soldier Fly Larvae 'Hermetia illucens' )

Our 6 month old rescued bearded dragon "Bubba' eating her regular lunch - she loves BSFL, and all of my other worms too !  (April 2014)

500 BSFL tub

500 Med BSFL for 

ONLY $26.25

Our Beardies love  BSFL
Assorted Sizes BSFL
Assorted Sizes Bulk BSFL

NOVEMBER 3, 2017  



   125 Assorted Size for  $   8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.)
   250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.)
   500 Assorted Size for  $ 30.00 ( only 6.0 cents ea.)
   750 Assorted Size for  $ 40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.)
1000 Assorted Size for  $ 50.00 ( only 509 cents ea.)
1250 Assorted Size for  $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea.)
1500 Assorted Size for $ 69.00 (only 4.6 cents ea.)
 2000 Assorted Size for  $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea.) 
2500 Assorted Size for $107.50 ( only 4.3 cents ea.)
3000 Assorted Size for $126.00 ( only 4.2 cents ea.)
 3500 Assorted Size for $143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea.) 

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(BSFL keep for weeks at room temp and even longer at temps of 51-60F/11-16C)
Keynotes for our black soldier fly larvae as reptile feeder insects

  • Responsibly raised on grain&grass based diet with calcium enrichment 
  • No need to dust any supplement other feeder insects when BSF provided as the staple diet
  • Prevent, stop, and even reverse Metabolic Bone Disease
  • NO noise, NO odor, No Maintenance
  • Maintenance-Free ... NO need to do anything to care for them -- easy to keep alive for weeks
  • Helps reveal the natural color of your animals
You might also know this grub by the Trade-Names of: Phoenix Worm, Calciworm, or Reptiworm. They are all black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens).

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BSFL Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio Chart


 I keep hearing different names for Black Solider Fly Larvae!  

 What is the difference between Reptiworms™, Phoenix Worms®, and Calciworms® ?

(Phoenix Worms® is a registered trademark of Insect Science Resource LLC. All rights reserved)

(Calciworms® is a registered trademark of Timerberline Fisheries. All rights reserved)

All the above worms are the same species of Black Solider Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens).  The only difference between them is how they are raised and what they are fed.  Our worms environment is 100% controlled and they are only fed a custom milled organic grain meal.  This is done to ensure our animals don’t get passed on anything that could harm them.  

 Some of my worms are dark brown/black. Is there something wrong?

No, the worms naturally start turning brown/black as they are preparing to change into a fly.  This is actually when they have the most calcium. They can still be fed when they turn brown/black and can be fed even when they turn into a fly.

 What’s the best way to feed the worms to my pet?

We have found keeping them in a dry tapered dish works very well.  You'll find the worms don’t move very fast and have a tough time climbing so they won't get out of the feed dish.

 My reptile/amphibian accidentally ate some of the packing medium. Will it be ok?

Yes, your reptile will not be harmed by the packing medium.  We do suggest letting your worms sit in the pet's feeder dish for a couple of minutes before putting it into the cage.  This will let the worm remove the medium from itself, and as it dries it's very easy to remove it from them.

 What are the worms packed in?

The worms are packed in a natural material that will not mold.  It is NOT their food, they are not packed with food because we do not want the worm to create waste which will cause them to stink or even worse die .  The Natural material will not hurt your animal.

 If I do cool them down, should I warm them back up before feeding them out?

YES!  Bring the amount of worms you want out of the wine cooler and let them warm up to room temperature so that they become active and are more appealing to the dragon.

 How can I get my worms to live/last longer?

You can get your worms to last longer by cooling them to 50-60 degrees F.  This can be done by putting them into a wine/beer fridge, or the 'butter keeper' of your fridge door.  Normal refrigerators will cool them down too much and can cause them to die after a day or two.  Cooling them will keep the grubs semi-dormant and allow the worms to stay alive for months. Keeping them at room temperature (68-72F) will keep your worms alive for 2-3 weeks.


Calcium in your lizard's diet ...

Many people believe that there is no such thing as too much calcium in a reptile's diet, especially, when it is through supplementation.  This is definitely not true.  Calcium in high doses can act as a binder, which inhibits the absorption of essential nutrients such as other essential minerals, as well as vitamins.  In the presence of too much Vitamin D, excess Calcium can calcify the internal organs, liver and kidneys. 

Calcium neutralizes stomach acids, which are necessary for the digestion and absorption of all nutrients. Many drugs have warnings to not take them with an antacid because it can prevent the drug from being absorbed into the system.  

Balance is a major key.  Giving a large dose of calcium all at once is not the same as giving a smaller amount with each feeding.

Phosphorous and its relationship to calcium is also very important.

It's generally agreed across the vertebrate world, that an inclusion ratio of 2:1 (calcium/phosphorous) is optimal.  This is a common ratio measured in healthy bone analysis of most vertebrates (including humans).  To err to the high side with calcium is generally much easier to metabolize than a diet that has less than a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous.  Even a 3:1 ratio is metabolized efficiently by most organisms.  

This is why the 'Black Soldier Fly Larvae' is rated as the best live feeder insect available for reptiles, frogs, birds, fish and turtles being kept as pets in captivity, since it is the only larva/worm/grub to even come near the ideal 2:1 Calcium Phosphorous ratio, water for hydration and protein as well.

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Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae:

These are reptile-feeding grade BSFL that were Calcium enriched, fed on grain&grass based diet for enriched vitamins. Balanced Ca:P ratio (see the description). NO need to dust your other feeder insects when this is the staple diet. Live delivery guaranteed regardless of the destination weather conditions. 10% extra count is included in your package for your ensured satisfaction.

*This product is not intended to be used as medicine or an occasional snack ... they need to be provided on a regular basis to prevent or cease development of Metabolic Bone Disease.*

'Black Soldier Fly Larvae' from The Worm Lady 

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